ICT & Multimedia Event – Innovative solutions in public services

On June 12, 2013 at 9 a.m. an innovative, on the regional scale, event entitled ICT & Multimedia Event will be held in the Column Hall of the Marshal Office of the Silesian Province in Katowice. The event will be addressed to communes and districts of the Silesian Province, as well as entities providing public services.


The objective of the enterprise is a broad demonstration of innovative solutions offered by the regional industry in ICT and  multimedia business branches, adding to the modern and pro-growth image of the Silesian Province.  The organizers of the event are: the Marshal Office of the Silesian Province, the HUB CLUB Silesian Multimedia Cluster, the University of Silesia in Katowice and the Ruda Śląska Business Incubator Sp. z o.o.
ICT & Multimedia Event generates conditions and increases possibilities of establishing cooperation between entrepreneurs, institutions of higher education, R&D entities and local authorities. The initiative constitutes a superb opportunity to broaden the knowledge regarding the development of intelligent ICT specialization, to hold a constructive debate over this area and to establish fruitful business contacts. The form of the meeting is modeled after the experiences of the Scandinavian countries, for it will not be a traditional conference but the approach will be more practical, based on the direct interactions of the participants.

During the ICT & Multimedia Event the members of the Silesian Multimedia Cluster will be able to present attractive and pioneering ICT and multimedia solutions, which can be utilized in management, promotion, communication and education. Every speaker, during the 10 minutes long presentation, will present an innovative solution, product or service, which can efficiently facilitate the services provided by the public sector entities.

During the meeting there will be also information on the support of the ICT solutions within the framework of the Regional Operational Program of the Silesian Province 2014 – 2020, prepared by the Marshal Office of the Silesian Province and related to the new EU budget period and drafting economic plans for the development of the province.

The company in charge of promoting the event is .bringMore advertising, which is both the member of the HUB CLUB and the entity responsible for its promotion.
In case of any questions at your disposal are: Alina Sabuda, phone: +48 32 342 22 30 ext. 104, e-mail:a.sabuda@hubclub.pl and Leszek Jastrzębski, phone:  +48 606 114 474, e-mail:l.jastrzebski@hubclub.pl