INNOVARE foundation is an institution coordinating the activity of the Silesian Multimedia Cluster

Cluster is an innovative cooperation network between companies, scientific institutions, enhanced by the means of trust, norms and cooperation principles, which stimulates the innovative activity of the companies.

The experience shows that joint activities bring the companies measurable benefits. Spanning resources and competence within the Cluster adds not only to the potential of the Cluster, but also to the potential of its members. It is especially fundamental is case of expansion and promotion on international markets, which require larger expenditures and competence, and which are very often beyond the reach of a single company.

The transfer of knowledge in an innovative cluster is faster and more efficient The reasons for such phenomenon are to be found in informal human relationships, which subsequently turn into information and knowledge transfer channels. In case of a high-tech cluster incorporating a R&D entity or a university, which is prestigious and influences the international competitiveness of the cluster, is an added value.

The Silesian Multimedia Cluster